We’ve managed Very.co.uk’s email and DM acquisition for 17 years, and our recent customer understanding work demonstrates the value of our approach to building out profiling and segmentation.

The challenge

Very wanted to reach the same people across both offline and online channels, while registering who receives each channel and crucially, who responds. The communication was to be delivered across direct mail, email, video on demand, social media and display.

Our approach

Our solution was simple. We used our proprietary Interact database to identify and group the best prospects, and then targeted them with a strategic customer journey, taking into account a mix of all of these channels to best reach each individual.

We based our data selections on:

  • Had the prospect visited Very.co.uk before?

  • What they’d viewed

  • Opens, clicks, departments of interest

  • Products they’d likely be interested in

  • Behavioral and attitudinal demographic

  • Their preferred channel

From this wealth of information, we created bespoke streams of communication across the offline and online channels. This formed an ‘always on’ strategy – targeting the right people at the right time in the right place.

Indicia built the matched audiences and laid out the customer journeys to optimise which set of channels each individual received.


The Always On method drove over 7.5k incremental customers within the first six months and continues to drive strong response to date.

“Indicia’s expertise in customer analytics lets us understand our prospects just as well as our customers. Not only this, they always execute their insight through beautiful, timely and intuitive communications that deliver measurable results.”